Angel Measure Volume Set 100ml Pediatric
Angel Measure Volume Set 100ml Pediatric
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Angel Measure Volume Set 100ml Pediatric

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Burette type measured volume chamber of 100 ml with 10 ml overflow limit.
Micro drip with drop size of 60 drops per ml.
Burette chamber is made of bio-compstible medical grade transparent polymer,suitable for infusion of all types of fluids
Hanger facilitates the hanging of complete device on the I.V. stand
Floating auto shut off valve acts as floating indicator and automatically shut off the drain path to prevent air in line
Roller controller provides accurate flow control
No-kick device prevents the kinking of tube during transportation
Separate plugs for extra medication and continuous change over
Sterile,individually packed
100% latex free measured volume set provided with Y-injection site and luer slip connector.

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