Romsons IV Cannula - Micron (size 26)
Romsons IV Cannula - Micron (size 26)
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Romsons IV Cannula - Micron (size 26)

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Features :
Micron (GS-3031)
* Specially designed paediatric I.V cannula, for peripheral intravenous infusion.
* Neo-natal I.V cannula designed for neonates.
* Specially designed clips for better maneuvering.
* Special, fine and smooth design for use in neonates to deal with the specific problems associated with small and soft vein cannulation.
* Main body is specially designed with projection for low point gap to facilitate better insertion.
* Small flexible wings and absence of injection port permits easy handling and secure fixation.
* Transparent flashback chamber for blood visualization.
* Sterile, peel open Blister Pack, with Tyvek Lid.

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