Romsons I.V Cannula - INTRAFLON (Sizes 18,20,22)
Romsons I.V Cannula - INTRAFLON (Sizes 18,20,22)
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Romsons I.V Cannula - INTRAFLON (Sizes 18,20,22)

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Features :
* I.V Cannula with wing, luer lock and injection port for continuous peripheral intra venous infusion.
* Manufactured from fully automated CAD/CAM process.
* Kink resistant FEP-Teflon cannula.
* 3 radio-opaque stripes cannula for X-Ray visualization.
* Double tapered molded cannula tip.
* Super sharp triple facetted beveled needle.
* Transparent flashback chamber allows immediate detection of blood.
* Sterile, individually packed in blister pack with tyvek lid.

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