Romsons Flexi Comfort - Adult & Child
Romsons Flexi Comfort - Adult & Child
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Romsons Flexi Comfort - Adult & Child

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Features :
Flexi Comfort*! (SH-2401)
* Mask with soft seal and strap for better fit and comfort.
* Manufactured from medical grade PP material, making it lighter than a PVC mask.
* No unpleasant odor as associated with other masks.
* Special soft seal provides comfort around the face.
* Enables the patient to wear the mask for longer duration.
* The cushion also provides better concentration of oxygen as it forms a seal between facial muscles and mask thereby reducing the wastage of oxygen.
* Leaves little air blind angle, limiting breath of exhaust.
* Sealing edge of contour line greatly eliminates discomfort caused by the oppression to facial nerve.
* No metal nose clip, making the product MRI compatible.
* Individually packed in poly bag.
* Non-PVC mask
* Completely odorless material
* Soft seal at the edges
* No oxygen wastage

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