Ortholink Zero-f (white Mop) - 11 Cm X 11 Cm
Ortholink Zero-f (white Mop) - 11 Cm X 11 Cm
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Ortholink Zero-f (white Mop) - 11 Cm X 11 Cm

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Features :
* These mops are made of cotton fiber threads.
* During use cotton fibers (lint) are shed on the wound surface and on the organs touched by the mops.
* These fibers can lead to multiple types of problems such as nidus for infection, fiber granuloma, foreign body reactions, fever & other related problems.
* In 'Implant surgery' these fibers can increase risk & complications associated with the implant.
* In Neurosurgery these fibers may cause epilepsy & other problems.
* Zero-F mop is the answer to the problems due to fibers.
* It is made of filament yarn and sides are bonded by a special process.
* Even the handle is made of filament yarn only.
* Stitching is also done with filament yarn thread.
* During use hardly any fiber will be shed, because there is no loose fiber to shed.
* The mop carries a radio-opaque marker too.
* So, the mops can be detected on X-Ray.
* Zero-F mop has a very good water absorbency.

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