Ortholink White Mops - Stripe 4x15 cm
Ortholink White Mops - Stripe 4x15 cm
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Ortholink White Mops - Stripe 4x15 cm

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Features :
* Specially designed for surgeons, for almost every kind of surgery.
* It will keep your patient's wound free from chemicals.
* White Mop is chemical free. No unwanted chemicals will go into the wound.
* White Mop is less linting during surgery.
* Their use will minimize fiber granulomas, post operative infections due to foreign body reaction to shredded fibers.
* White Mop is radio-opaque.
* During the manufacturing process, a radio opaque thread containing Barium Sulphate is added to make it radio-opaque.
* This quality will help surgeon to identify any lost sponges.
* White Mop is super absorbent.
* The rate of absorption is very fast.

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