Ortholink Eye Pad
Ortholink Eye Pad
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Ortholink Eye Pad

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Features :
* It is world's best eye dressing.
* The beauty of this eye dress is that the pad is sealed from all sides.
* The pad will not shed fibers.
* The cotton of pad is inside and covered by filament yarn knitted fabric from all sides.
* So there is no loose fiber around the pad.
* A very high tech process has been used to manufacture it.
* For patient it means that no fiber will go inside the eyes to irritate.
* It also means comfort for the patient.
* The eye patch to hold the pad in place is made of soft stretchable fabric.
* The adhesive is soft and easy to remove.
* The release liner of the patch is easy to remove.
* All this results to more comfort for patient and ease for the surgeon.

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