Adonis 100mA Portable X-Ray Machine
Adonis 100mA Portable X-Ray Machine
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Adonis 100mA Portable X-Ray Machine

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Features : * SOFT TOUCH KEYBOARD SYSTEM with Finger touch buttons for KV increase / Decrease, mAs increase / decrease and Micro Switched for Machine ON / OFF, Stand By / Exposure.
* 200 APR programs in which KVp , Technic and mAs can be automatically selected by selecting the Body Part .
* 12 Blank APR Keys for User Defined Settings.

* Different Radiographic Settings for Child, Average and Fatty Patient.

* Different settings for AP, Lateral and Oblique positions.

* Each Key can be reprogrammed at the customer s place as per customer requirements with an option to recall Factory Settings.

* 2 Step kVp and Single Step mAs for better Radiographic results.
* Illuminated LCD Display.

* Digital meter for Main Line voltage display for accurate exposure.

* Microprocessor Based Electronic Overload Protection for Tube Safety and Life.

* Microprocessor Based Electronic Exposure control for accurate Exposure.
* Automatic selection of Bucky with manual option.
* Exposure counter.

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